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When he created Verget in 1990, Jean-Marie Guffens applied the very same rules as for his own production. Verget’s philosophy can be summed up in one simple sentence: “the best wine comes from the best grapes”. This elementary saying is the corner stone of Verget. Thus, wether in Mâconnais, Chablis or Cote d’Or, the best vineyards and best terroirs are selected to produce quality wines.

The raison d’être of Verget is to reveal all the character of the wines by revealing their terroirs. Verget successfully implemented this process for some time now in Chablis and Côte d’Or regions. But in Maconnais, which has historically been producing generic wines, this approach gains its full meaning. This is where Verget produces the most wines per appellation.

This logic enables to discover all the aspects, all the shades in a word all the subtlety of a single appellation.
With this unusual approach, Verget has become a terroir laboratory and a climate creator.